ButtaH Beauty is a luxury-handcrafted brand, which creates; soaps, body and skin care products.  We are focused on creating quality products for individuals who take an interest in a simple and affordable way to preserve the largest organ of the body, the skin.  We create products that are responsibly sourced, ethically created & never test on animals. We produce products from natural & organic ingredients such as: vegetable and fruit oils, nut oils, essential oils, waxes, natural butters, herbs, clays and hydrosols.  Our all-natural products are made from sustainable resources and our finished products are phthalate, paraben, and preservative free and contain no harsh chemicals and toxins.  

Each and every product is curated with intention to enhance overall skin health for all skin types.


Ethically Made

We take pride in creating high quality, plant-based skincare that you can trust.

Made with intention.

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