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Bee Pollen Honey Bar
Bee pollen is rich in vitamins, amino acids, and minerals. This soap will leave your skin feeling naturally soft and smooth.
⭐️ Helps treat acne.
⭐️ Can help with wrinkles and blemishes.
⭐️ Help heal and rejuvenate the skin.
⭐️Nourishing & moisturizing.
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Glowing Butter
It’s handmade with Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, and Lavender to name a few, which create a moisturizing, but never sticky, glow all over. Helps treats and heals topical skin conditions.
⭐️ Promotes nourished glowing skin.
⭐️ Hydrated the skin.
⭐️Treats topical skin conditions.
⭐️Helps treat insect & bug bites.
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✨Lemon Honey Body Butter✨
Super Hydrating Moisturizer
⭐️ Promotes glowing skin.
⭐️ Hydrates the skin.
⭐️Relieve itchy skin.
⭐️Nourishes the skin.
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✨Lemon Honey Body Scrub✨
Treat your skin with this scrub. Cocoa butter and avocado oil moisturize, while sugar gently scrubs away dead skin.
⭐️ Exfoliate and smooth your skin.
⭐️ Brighten tired, dull-looking skin.
⭐️Help fight skin aging in a natural way.
⭐️Help free ingrown hairs.
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✨Cinnamon Lip Scrub✨
Treat your skin lips with this scrub. For silky smooth & soft lips.
⭐️ Helping to prevent cracked lips.
⭐️ Exfoliates the impurities and dust particles from the lips.
⭐️Moisturize lips to keep them nourished.
⭐️Promotes smooth, soft and healthy lips.
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