Golden Sea Moss Gel
  • Gold Sea Moss
    4fl. oz 


    Sea Moss Gel has 92 of the 102 minerals that our bodies need.  Sea Moss Gel can be used in many ways, from in your smoothies to as a face mask


    Sea Moss is popular for many health benefits, which include: 

    • 92 Minerals
    • Promotes a Healthy Thyroid
    • Supports a Healthy Heart
    • Supports a Healthy Immune System
    • Promotes Good Digestion
    • Improves Metabolism
    • Helps Maintain a Healthy Weight
    • Supports Hair, Skin and Nails
    • Is a great Post Workout Recovery Tonic
    • Improves Libido


    Collagen is a protein that is found in the skin and other organs and holds the body together. However, as we age, the production of this naturally occurring protein slows down. Consequently, as we get older, our skin begins to wrinkle and the face becomes the first place to notice this change.

    Sea Moss is an important source of plant-based collagen. Now you understand why this seaweed has become one of the most sought-after product for youthful skin. The plant has regenerative properties that help in the removal of dead skin cells when applied on mature skin. Therefore, when you want your skin to remain dewy, fresh, and taut, Sea Moss is all you need.

    Sea Moss is rich in sulfur, which enables it to produce a serious beauty boost. You can make an Irish moss gel and apply it directly on your face. Alternatively, you can blend it in your smoothies to enjoy these benefits. The plant is also effective in rehydrating dry skin.

    Golden Sea Moss Gel

    • Chondrus crispus, Spring Water, Lemon

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